Paragliding Petrovac

PARAGLIDING PETROVAC - Take off : Buljarica

The take-off point is located at an altitude of 670m above Petrovac.
Wind: S, SE, SW take off : 42°12'13" (42.2037)N; 18°59'35" (18.9932)E landing : 42°11'39" (42.1944)N; 18°57'53" (18.9649)E
Take off offers a beautiful view of the Adriatic coast and beaches Buljarica and Petrovac. You arrive at the take-off point by driving along the old main road Petrovac - Podgorica via Pastrovacka gora in the length of 12 km, from where you turn onto the hunting macadam road in the length of about 3 km, which is very bad and suitable only for 4x4. If you decide to hike, you will need about 20 minutes.
The takeoff is quite disorganized, rocky and short, and not suitable for beginners. The takeoff offers good thermal potential, the landing is on the beach in Buljarice or on the meadows in the area of auto camp Buljarica. And especially suitable for those who come to Montenegro by a camper.