Paragliding Bar


The takeoff Vrsuta is located at an altitude of 1180 m, and is suitable for all levels of paragliding pilots.
Especially for those who like to enjoy hike and fly, this take-off is certainly a great option.
You can reach the take-off point by driving from the direction of Bar along the old road Bar - Virpazar. Although it is an old road, the road is good, asphalt in the length of 19 km after this distance it is best to park the car there, and the rest of the road from 3 km we suggest to cross on foot. It is a fairly large slope, and to surmount this distance it will takes about 1 hour.When you arrive at the takeoff, you will realize that all the effort you put in is worth it because you will enjoy the beautiful view of the Adriatic coast, the town of Bar and Sutomore on one side and Virpazar and Skadar Lake on the other.
The take-off is spacious and grassy and allows several pilots to take off at the same time. The mountain offers good thermal potential and for landing you can choose the beach in Sutomore only if it is not the tourist season or the city stadium in Bar and the meadow next to the stadium.